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Law Enforcement . First Responders . Military Operations

Lambda Blueshift 900X


Is an Idaho-based UAV manufacturer that has made a name for itself as one of the leading producers of lightweight, durable, easy to use and operate drones in the industry.

Companies We Have Partnered With

PCS Edventures

A leader in STEM education aimed to introduce buildable, modular drones as an advanced robotics solution for middle and high school grades. Thrust-UAV, produced the world’s first educational drone kit, RubiQ.


A producer of cameras and camera related products looked to drones to engage a younger generation. Through a partnership with Thrust-UAV, the KODAK custom branded, Riot 250R Pro hit the market.

Rio Tinto

A global metals and mining company sought to increase mining safety. Engaged Thrust-UAV to build a durable, portable, expandable, solar-powered, high definition camera for their rail system.

Law Enforcement

Thrust-UAV consults with local law enforcement agencies to identify solutions with the use of drones to improve surveillance abilities, rapid response time, entry team logistics and safety, reconnaissance abilities, and so much more.

Bell Flight

An American aerospace manufacturer engaged Thrust-UAV to develop a custom solution. In collaboration with Bell Flight Engineers, Thrust-UAV developed the RubiQ PDB which has become the drone used in national competitions.


A global technology company worked closely with Thrust-UAV to develop the technology and code to fly a drone with an Xbox One controller. This customization was designed to integrate with the RubiQ PDB for autonomous flight.

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